We are building “The First Energy Sector Secure Private Cloud” using our proven design deployed at a large Utility in the North East. Ironclad’s Private Cloud once built in 2020 will allow vendors and manufacturers to become tenants and host their application and systems on our “architecture/design platform”. The utilities will be part of an “Association” and its members would have a say on what companies can join and what products can be integrated; unlike AWS. For example, TrendMicro, Microsoft, and CISCO would provide both application enrichment and systems update directly within the private cloud – connected via a secure Optical Transport Network. We plan to integrate and migrate General Keith Alexander’s IronNet product(s) first (IronDome off AWS). After that, we plan to onboard all other vendors as “tenants” so that they can provide both systems updates and enrichment directly within the “private cloud”; thus, by passing the internet all together. Utilities will connect to the Ironclad Energy Sector Private Cloud via a proprietary Optical Transport Network to retrieve their systems updates via our Air-gap Zero Trust Model Design.


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