Risk and



Security Limits Inc. has provided relevant design & engineering, cyber and physical security and consulting services for clients around the World.


Security Limits Inc. serves as strategic advisers for major utilities and banks, helping them develop comprehensive security and compliance management system programs and design and develop Hyper-V private cloud systems infrastructure, networking, and ICS migration strategies (TSCADA and DSCADA) that enable achievement of business objectives while improving our national security. We assist in providing security compliance services to customers, partners, regulators, employees and shareholders. Our team offers a unique blend of services and products that help address policy, compliance, cyber security, and systems architecture —both physical and logical; thus, minimizing vulnerabilities and risks.


In fact, Security Limits Inc. is working closely with white house dignitaries, legislators, and lobbyists to promote a very specific piece of legislation that allows “Utilities to Capitalize (CAPEX)” all cyber and physical security expenses; thus making both physical and cyber security investment a perpetual CAPEX business expense (an essential part of its core business existence). Such approach would be a win-win for all parties and key stakeholders; i.e. Utilities will invest to upgrade their IT/OT/ICS/SCADA infrastructure and telecommunications networks more rapidly,  consequently securing their infrastructure with 21st Century technologies and promoting risk reduction nationwide.