Design and Engineering

Control Theory and Engineering

  • Control Theory
  • Control System Cybersecurity
  • Control Systems Security Assessments and Audits
  • Control Theory and Applications
  • Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
  • Computational Intelligence and Applications
  • Communications and Network Protocol Security in Control Systems
  • Custom tools, Commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) and Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) Solutions for Automation of ICS Security Management

Fault Diagnosis and Safe Operation

  • Measurement Methods and Intelligent Instrumentation
  • Online Monitoring for Systems
  • Tools for Security Assessments of Control Systems
  • Technologies for Aggregation and Analysis of Security Events
  • Technologies for enabling ICS
  • Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring Program
  • Sensors, Sensing and Signal Processing
  • Vulnerability Management in Controls Systems
  • PLC and RTU Security and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure against Persistent Threats and Sophisticated Targeted Attacks
  • Governance and Management aspects of ICS and SCADA Security

Robust Adaptive Control and SCADA

  • Social Robotics
  • Safety and Cybersecurity in Nuclear Power Plant Environments
  • Security Control overlays for ICS and SCADA Systems
  • Smart Grid Cybersecurity
  • Social Engineering and Insider Threat in Critical Infrastructures
  • Secure ICS and SCADA Architectures and Protocols
  • Security patch Management in ICS and SCADA Systems
  • Security of Sensor and Telemetry devices in Control Environments
  • Security Analysis and Scoring Systems
  • Security Event Management
  • System Modelling and Parameter Estimation
  • System Sensing, Modelling and Analysis
  • System Simulation
  • Need to protect Industrial Control Systems from Cyber-Attacks
  • Real World SCADA Security Incidents and Disasters
  • SCADA Security – Current Trends
  • Understanding Common Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems
  • Analyzing Threats to SCADA Systems
  • Assessing and managing SCADA Risks
  • Designing Comprehensive SCADA Security Program
  • SCADA Security Engineering Standards Package
  • Essential SCADA Cybersecurity Controls and Countermeasures

Engineering Optimization

  • Optimization for Industrial Automation Systems
  • Optimization for Decision Making Systems
  • Intelligent Optimization and Applications